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Chris Ciunga


She knew it right from the beginning. It was not clear how, but she did. Born in Bucharest, Romania, she was 5 when seeing a horse picture in a banned Paris Match magazine, was the moment she fell in love with this beautiful creature. These animals were part of her breath and without knowing, will mark her life. Entirely. Having gone by being totally prohibited by family even awfully teased about her dreams of owning a horse or even riding, as well by the communism ideology that have to be followed strictly and you didn’t had any chance to do what you wanted, the only way she could get close to horses was to pet the ones that were pulling gypsies carriages through the capital’s streets.

Right after the communist party came to its end, some opportunities came along and taking advantage of the first option available, she jumped into this world where she still fits in by being very active. Almost 30 years have gone since that moment.

Being also a former horse owner, competing herself in the past, she brings along years of equine experience to the table including competition and stable management, teaches with enthusiasm and photographing horses mostly with no script by showing their natural beauty and the bond they make with humans.

Equine photography passion: it came like to counterbalance that she’s not owning horses anymore and photographing these beautiful animals whether they are running free as seen in the artwork or posing in presentation for their owners, competing in any discipline, it’s the way she charges her inner power.

The interior design passion came in the last years by helping clients to enjoy fine art prints with their tailor-made equestrian moments wall art. She is developing continuously and now studying the studio lighting for future creative equine projects. Few pictures of hers first ever studio project will be available soon.

She loves getting out of the office and meeting the equestrian world. Her trolley is packed.